This is my Flyye Industries FAPC(Fast Attack Plate Carrier). I chose this over a full size PC for more mobility, plus I felt that I had to fill every piece of MOLLE I could. This moderates that quite well. Also, my Eagle Industries MOLLE belt pad.

Front: 2 upside down Fast Mags. I found it easier to pull down rather than yank up. This is my secondary reload. Double shingle mag pouches, also mounted upside down. This is my tertiary reload. Single-double mag pouch(dunno what that’s called? Holds two M4 mags) used for large smoke grenade. ID pouch, mainly for patches, which now include “Bang One, Bang ‘Em All”, “Surprise, Cock Fags!”, and “Room Service”. Also sporting my “ATLAS” name tape, as well as my “TFTFR” tab and a “Fun Meter” MilSpec Monkey patch.

Left(Belt): Two Fast Mags, mounted upside down. This is my primary reload.

Right(Belt): Universal utility pouch. Holds my hard knuckle gloves(which are being replaced soon), my “dead” rag, and any spare batteries I’m carrying.

Back(PC and Belt): Double-double mag pouch. One side holds two M4 mags(for teammates), and the other holds another smoke grenade. One Fast Mag, mounted upside down(mainly for use when I’m on my stomach). This, if needed, is my final reload. Radio pouch, with Puxing 777 transceiver. Does an excellent job, highly recommend if you’re looking for a radio. And finally, dump pouch. Nothing fancy.

Not shown(because I don’t have them yet): Horizontal utility pouch. This will be mounted on my back below the mag pouches. This will hold bbs, smokes, speed loaders, etc. Things I don’t need to get to in a hurry. On the belt will be a Nalgene bottle pouch, obviously for hydration.

More or less, my goal is/was to create a load out I could use in any situation/at any type of event. Let me know if you have any questions or have any suggestions!

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